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Where are your baby’s clothes made?

After having navigated the industry of children’s wear for the last four years, I have become keenly aware of where my children’s clothing is made. I am constantly looking at tags to see where each item is made before I purchase. 

”Why?” you’re probably wondering. 

Where an item is made says a lot about a company without too many words. In the world of “fast fashion” many shoppers are looking for the best deal, the lowest price, and “quality” for the small amount of money they paid for an item. Many of these products are made uneithically or in unsavory work conditions. 

When I started this company, I wanted to offer the very best prices...next to free. I learned quickly that the age-old adage “you get what you pay for” almost always rings true. While our customers were happy to pay $12 for an outfit, they probably received it and sent it straight to the donate pile. While I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect our customers to pay $100 for an outfit, I do think that better sourced and better constructed garments are well worth a few extra dollars. They will wash better, wear longer and look beautiful well past the re-sell pile.

We have a few core beliefs when contracting with a manufacturer and we hope you see the value of working with them. When you pay a little more for an outfit, you’re paying for a skilled worker to have FAIR PAY and regulated hours. You’re paying the factory that provides opportunities to MOTHERS who have valuable skills. You’re paying to make sure your item meets standards of safety and quality. You’re paying for something we are so proud and excited to deliver to you. 

With all that said, I am incredibly excited to share with you that Charming Mary will be entirely made in the USA and Columbia starting with our first Spring launch January 2019. We are partnering with two fantastic manufacturers in Sunny Los Angelos and our favorite stomping ground, Dallas, Texas. We will continue to partner with our trusted factory in Columbia who will provide the beautiful hand smocking, Puddle Jumper Covers and matching swimsuits. 

I live and breathe thinking about your babies in our outfits. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to see them dressed perfectly, making memories with you. I hope each of you know just how much your support means to me. Charming Mary may look “big” from the outside, but it is a small and intimately run family business. We hope to share some more of our story and bring you behind the scenes as we lead up to our first IN STOCK Spring launch in January.


Heather Eiland

Owner and Designer




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