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The Original Puddle Jumper Cover in Seersucker (In Stock Item)

Hooray! Puddle Jumper Covers are back! Monogramming may take up to 1-2 weeks additional. Please note that the sailboat monogram will not have birds, only sailboat and initials. 

Our covers are designed to fit the One size Puddle Jumper flotation device sold by Stearns. These covers will NOT fit on the jackets with 3D faces, only the classic style with a flat front. Our covers snap/zip on easily and are lined. The print on the Puddle Jumper will be mostly disguised and covered but depending on how bright your Puddle Jumper is, the character face may still be slightly visible. Monogramming your cover also aids in camouflaging the Puddle Jumper character face. Please take care in putting your cover on correctly. If your arm pieces look twisted or bunched up, your cover may rip at the seams. Please take the cover off and put it back on. The cover should fit fairly seamlessly. Please remove the cover after each swim to let the foam in your Puddle Jumper dry. Drying in direct sunlight may cause fading. Highly chlorinated water in combination with sun drying is a natural bleaching agent so there may be some fading that occurs and is expected to some extent.

Charming Mary makes no claims about this accessory improving the functionality of the Puddle Jumper life jacket. Ultimately you are the parent and need to make the final decision as to whether this decorative accessory is right for you. After a full summer of sales under our belt, we have received zero complaints that our covers affect the function of the float in any way. Whether you use our accessory or not, parents need to be present and aware if their child is playing near or around water.




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